Ovidsh (fork)

Bookmarklets to assist in saving search histories

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This is a fork of ovidsh by GitHub user ipoga.

The bookmarklet is intended to help make search histories (from Ovid or EBSCOHOST so far) easier to extract. In general, they extract the search history information and display it as raw text which can easily be copied into a table in some office program (for instance Microsoft Office Word or LibreOffice Writer). The raw text is displayed in a textarea and should be automatically selected by clicking the textarea.

In order to use the bookmarklet, you save it as a bookmark and "open" it while viewing a page conatining a search history. Opening them will execute the code on the page currently loaded in the browser. In most browsers, you can add the bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar by simply dragging it from this page.

Combined bookmarklet

The bookmarklet assumes that you are viewing an updated search history. The bookmarklet is here: search history helper.